Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Weird day

I think the sleeping fail is spilling over into the day. Everything just seems off. Well, not everything.

My swim was good. Nearly no one at the pool. I haven't seen my buddy, Barrie in weeks. Maybe she gave it up. After my swim, I stopped at Denny's for breakfast. It was ok. Not Denny's best. Not Denny's worst. Two guys behind me were rabid Trump fans and at a volume that made me wish my table was down near the crying baby.

Sewing was kind of not great. Not bad, but not great. I tried to stream a couple of things and failed due to the world's weakest wifi. It's just so annoying.

But, probably the biggest annoyance of the day is my Eero networking stuff is supposed to be delivered today but OnTrac does not even show it as Out for Delivery (at 3 pm) so I'm pretty sure I won't see it today. OnTrac doesn't work tomorrow or Monday. So... Tuesday?

This is actually fine. It's not an emergency. I'll bitch to Amazon and they will add a month to my Prime membership and the world will not end.

I have more fried chicken out thawing for dinner and then there's a baseball game at 7. Maybe tonight I'll sleep and all will be better tomorrow.

At least the living room is getting repopulated and doesn't feel as lonely.

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