Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday morning

I did not sleep well last night. Too hot? Too ?? I don't know but I just kept waking up uncomfortably. My sleep app says I slept 7 hours and 22 minutes, but only 2 hours were restful. It feels like that's about right. Not fatal, just annoying.

Today, tomorrow and Monday the pool doesn't open until 8. So I have time for coffee and futzing around before time to leave for my swim. Routine change. Not my favorite thing, but again, not fatal.

There's an NPR story on right now about fireflies. I grew up chasing fireflies (lightening bugs) nearly every night after dinner in the summer. They were bugs you could love. And we did.

Here in Seattle, there is no such thing. Kids here, adults, too, have never seen and maybe never even heard of lightening bugs. My brother's theory is that our days are too long. They know that all the little kids who would chase them have been sent to bed already by the time it's dark. I think he may be on to something there.

My hair is sure behaving nicely these days. It has enough curl to camouflage how thin it is and it takes nearly zero effort. I run a comb through it and then muss it with my fingers. It even looks good when I first wake up in the morning. When I think of all the time and money I've spent over the years trying to make it presentable, I'm especially grateful that now, in my old age, it's decided to be nice.

Today will be sewing but if/when my network system gets here, that will be interrupted for setting up. I spent some time last night reviewing my current setup and making notes. It's been nearly two year since I switched routers. Every time I make these kinds of changes, I streamline a little more. More stuff works on wifi. More stuff has been upgraded so is now easier.

I used to have to reserve specific IP addresses for several devices to work well and have a system for if/when my ISP changes my IP. Comcast used to change it all the time but my current ISP hasn't changed it in 14 months. So this time, there will be even more streamlining. I only have one device that works more easily with a specific IP and I think I can live with an IP change every year and a half or less.

It's so way easier now and it's kind of cool to know and understand how much of a bitch it used to be.

I've got a half hour before time to get into my suit. I think I'll kill it with a game.
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