Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tech itch scratched for now

Every time I think I've got the sewing room internet access fixed, I learn that I was mistaken. So I'm taking drastic measures. I'm redoing the house. I'm going to replace the router and the extenders with Eero or try anyway.

So I've spent the afternoon in research mode. I now have a plan for swapping out. I talked to my brother to make sure I was assuming correctly. Mostly I was not but he fixed me. It comes tomorrow. My plan includes the possibility of total failure and a path back to what I have now. So we shall see...

The living room is now no long doll free. Whew.

(Zoey wouldn't move.)

Also I did some organizing in the sewing room. When I get to the end of a particular fabric, rather than shelf the last piece, I just go ahead and cut out whatever I can from the bit that is left. Those arms, legs, hands and other bits landed in a pile that I then forgot about so I made a parts board. Now I can see at a glance if I have a bit that will go with the bits I'm cutting out now.

(Again, Zoey wouldn't move.)

Baseball tonight and bear knitting.
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