Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday the gym population was down a little and the traffic was very light. Today the gym population was down a whole lot and the traffic resembled Sunday morning. I am not a fan of holidays but I like this part of them.

Also finally after two years, I have figured out that when the normal Social Security pay date falls on a non-bank day (weekend or holiday), they pay early. It's always a nice fun surprise to be richer than I expect when I do my daily bank check.

I got my tech fix yesterday by replacing my Pebble Time with an Original Pebble that I picked up for $40 a few months ago. It doesn't do as much as the Pebble Time BUT what it does do, it does way better. Turns out it is far easier to read in the pool and the battery life is way better. I charged it up yesterday morning and as I type this, nearly 24 hours later, the battery is at 100%.

In about an hour, I'll go take the bears and dolls. They are in bags in the car now and the living room feels and looks really empty. I need to get some more made. I have a bear with one arm and no ears already so that's a start.

We are supposed to have rain and clouds til Monday. Nice. I might even get out and go take a nice long walk somewhere - Capital Hill or downtown. Maybe. Tomorrow.

Yesterday I saw this on Reddit and I'm still cracking up over it.


My parents spent from the time we were born until they died trying to get my sister and I to be at least friendly. It was a total fail from the get go. The best we ever got was 'ok' and when my Dad died, my Mom quit trying and when she died, so did I (quit trying that is). My life is richer now BUT this still cracked me the hell up and still does.

I scored a bunch of cold fried chicken for half price at Safeway the other day. It's skin on dark meat - my fave. I packaged it all up in dinner sized servings and stuck it in the freezer. There were about 6 dinners total. Last night I decided to give it a try. I pulled it out of the freezer and set it on the counter at noon. At 5:30, I put it into the new Advantium oven and baked it on a rack for 15 minutes. It was PERFECT!!! Not fresh Popeye's perfect but pretty darned close and amazing. It's something they carry all the time so Yeah!

I think I'll go cut out some dolls before time to leave.
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