Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

software revolt

I have a new tech itch. There's no hardware that even with my exceedingly lax and broad range of reasons why I must have, that I can justify buying now. Actually, there's nothing that tickles my fancy. Everything I want either hasn't been invented yet or hasn't been released yet.

So software. Yesterday Evernote introduced a fairly large price leap. It took me years to finally get into using Evernote and now I use it a lot and enjoy it. I use Evernote as if it were an little notebook always with me. (I use Keep as if it were yellow stickies all around my monitor - there are some overlaps but not many.) The lower priced Evernote will work for me but I kept reading about OneNote which is free and there is an easy path from Evernote to OneNote so I loaded it up and copied all of my Evernote stuff into OneNote. But, turns out, OneNote really wants a PC and I only use the PC when the chromebook or tablet or phone won't do. OneNote has apps for all those things but to really use it right, you need a PC. So, probably I'll stick to Evernote but it was a fun experiment.

Then, this morning, my Pebble had a heart attack at the end of my swim. I'm still not sure what happened. I did two things differently this morning and it's clear that one or both were totally unacceptable. I changed my watchface (some of them are really battery eaters and it's hard to tell which ones) and I took my phone to the pool instead of leaving it in the locker. I suspect the watchface issue but will be doing some testing. Fortunately, it recorded my swim so Misfit, the app that tells me how very fit I am, didn't miss much.

So no hardware but software keeps me amused.

I had another software-ish adventure yesterday. When I go to find a book, I start at Goodreads. I keep my book lists there. Books I've read, books I've rejected, audiobooks I want to read, ebooks I want to read, etc. I hate their site and always have. It's built around social and sharing and all I want it for is to keep my lists and show me book info. I don't want friends or chats or conversation. But, if I don't start there, I will invariably buy books I've read before or books I've tried to read and abandoned.

Then I open a new tab that is Audible and look at their recommends. Then I open yet another tab that is Amazon because they have much better book detail info. When I find a book, I go back to Goodreads and make sure it's not on my list and then back to Audible or Amazon to buy it. It's exhausting.

Amazon owns both Audible and Goodreads. But, up to now, there's been very little benefit to me or even really any useful crossover.

Yesterday, however, I noticed that Goodreads had beefed up some of its book info. The site is still a nightmare to find what I want BUT I found a book that looked good and wasn't on any of my lists and then I noticed a BUY button. And then I saw that Audible was in the options list so I clicked on it and then I got taken to Amazon which told me exactly how many Audible credits I had and asked me if I wanted to use one to buy the book. Yes, please! Badda Bing Badda Boom!

But, sadly, Audible still won't let me use my Amazon store card which is ridiculous. Even Fabric.Com let's me use my Amazon store card and it's not owned by Amazon at all. Oh well, this is still a big leap.

Today I need to photograph the bears on the couch and the rest of the dolls and then pack them all up for delivery tomorrow.

Jeannie, the adoptions lady, says that some of the dolls are used by the new baby nurses to help manage the siblings. The nurse has a selection of the dolls lined up on shelf for the kids to see. IF they are very good and quiet while their Mom consults with the nurse, then, before they leave, they get to pick the doll of their choice.d Honestly, the selection process and reward system would have totally worked on me when I was little!
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