Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sewing back

My Mom spent most of her adult years with tennis elbow. She had surgery once, I think but mainly just suffered the rest of the time. She got it from, oddly enough, playing tennis which she did until she was about 75 and her knees gave out. (I did NOT inherit this particular athletic gene - I got her bald spot on the top of her/my head and lips that leak lipstick down our chins and up to our noses.)

Around our house all muscular ailments were always attributed to their cause. Reading neck, praying knees, skating ankles... today I have sewing back. My table is an incorrect height and my posture sucks and that's just at the machine. Cutting out pieces and sorting fabrics are done on the daybed which is too low. So a day of sewing or even a half day = oh my achin' back. It is likely none of this will be fixed/changed so I have decided that it's my indication that it's time to end for the day.

I did manage to make 3 new dolls and also cut out a new shirt which will get put together probably this weekend.

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