Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I stopped at the fancy Safeway after my swim to get ice cream and I fell into a couple of 50% off manager special chicken deals. Pretty sweet. I also remembered the ice cream. I forgot laundry detergent but that wasn't as critical as the ice cream.

Another day with nothing scheduled and nothing that really has to be done. I should start that closet clean out I've been talking about but somehow I'm pretty sure I won't. I will make dolls. That new Goodwill fabric is very inspirational and I have several new podcasts to keep me company.

I am in between audio books and I need to settle on a new one. I have a couple on my phone that I haven't read yet but none is calling out to me. I need to do some book hunting in between doll sewing. And I might get another shirt started.

So, net net, nothing new. Just keeping cool and doing my stuff.

Last night's bear:

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