Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got gas. I made a mistake and got the premium. It still only cost $15. And my tank is full!

I returned my library book.

I took a giant bag of shirts that never fit right and/or were exhausted to Goodwill.
And, yeah, of course I went into Goodwill and paid $16 for about $50 worth of fabric. Some goes right back into the Goodwill bag BUT most is fabulous - perfect and wonderful. But, seriously, I must be stopped. This fabric thing is out of hand.

There's a baseball game tonight BUT it's also a Tuesday home game which means that asshole who joins the broadcast booth will likely be there tonight to ruin my enjoyment. I will likely listen to the radio and may watch the TV on mute but that's always annoying as they are not close to being sync'd. But, it's Pittsburgh and we never get to play Pittsburgh. I was a Pirates fan for the four years I was in college. I went to one of the first games in the brand new stadium. That brand new stadium was replaced because it was too old a couple of years ago.

The Flickr album of all the dolls
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