Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I can't get started today. I have internet-itis. I've been swimming. The gloves continue to save my hands from ugly lane line bruises. I wore them for most of my swim today. When my lane partner left, I took them off and it felt weird to swim without them.

I have nothing critical on the agenda today.  Laundry. But even that's not critical.

I need to get gas in the car. I don't get why I hate that chore so much. Maybe later today I'll make a run to get gas, return my library book, drop off some Goodwill stuff and then go into the Goodwill store and see if there are any amazing deals. Today is Senior Wednesday - big savings. But, I really don't need more stuff. I'm really even at capacity for doll fabric. I should stay out of that store.

I think for now, I'll go sew some dolls and play the rest by ear. The good news is that while I can't get started, there's really no reason I have to! I do love my life.
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