Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On my terrace, it is very hot and it's in the shade. It gets direct sun in the morning and then another blast as it bounces off the building across the street in the evening. So it will be even hotter again in a few hours. BUT, it's cool in here. I just made a quick trip to the library and on the street - at least at the library - it is cool and breezy in the shade and not terribly bad in the sun. So if this is as bad as it gets until the cool comes back next Saturday (high of 64) then, excellent!

The library was hilariously over run with small children. They have several summer programs going on and it was really like walking into a giant day care. The librarians looked a little deer in headlights. It was pretty funny. I picked up my book and split.

Amazon delivered 2 10 pound boxes of bear/doll stuffing. They finally lowered their price to match Walmart so I got it from them this time. I had maybe a week's worth left. I think I blow through about 2 pounds a week so I think I'm good until maybe just after Labor Day.

Today's stuffing recipients:

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