Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing Monday

There is nothing on the calendar - not even a baseball game today. Free bird here.

The day got the most wonderful start. I woke up about 5 am but I didn't get up. Usually when I wake up, my nose is stopped up or my mouth is bone dry or I have to pee immediately. But, not this morning. I woke up and just dozed on and off for 45 delicious minutes. It was amazing. I'd love to duplicate that every day.

Could be that I was up a little later than usual. I have this twitch. I cannot go to sleep with a technology problem unresolved. I've tried. Doesn't work. Last night, my phone kept dropping wifi. I wanted to raise the blinds which is done via an app on my phone but the phone needs to be on the same network as the blinds. So I rebooted the blinds bridge and then the router and then nothing worked and then some things did and some things didn't and then etc ... it was a rookie's helter skelter troubleshooting technique that by the time I came to my senses was too convoluted to fix. Oh and then I turned the bedroom TV on to catch the 10 pm news and TiVo was missing... So. I took a deep breath and started doing stuff the correct way and once everything was rebooted in the proper order and checked it was all fine but...

In the process I was digging around the router's info and casually, shockingly noted that I have 32 DHCP clients and 24 active clients. Holy crap. That's a lot o' internetted things. I remember about 4 or 5 years ago I had a router die on me and went to Office Max down the street to grab a new one. The nice young man trying to be helpful asked me how many devices I had that needed router. I did a rough count and said 10. He said "Oh no. I mean like besides your computer and sometimes your phone, do you have anything else that needs to use the internet?" His tone was Poor Old Lady Doesn't Understand.

And speaking of the olden days. I had a light bulb go out on me this morning. I went to the cabinet where the spare bulbs live and realized that I hadn't changed out a light bulb in forever. I used to have two huge plastic bins of spare bulbs. My kitchen and sewing room pot lights used to go out regularly. They were expensive large flood lights that were a bitch to store and not that much fun to replace. Then we got those great florescent screw in replacements that take forever to get to full light but then work fine and last forever. I still have one of those in the sewing room. I'm waiting for it to die so I can update it. The kitchen and living room are now LCD's which should last long past me. Everything else updated compact florescent. Replacing light bulbs nowadays is rare. I'm down to one plastic bin of replacements and to be honest, and I doubt seriously I will live long enough to even use those.

This I got to the pool late because I dropped my MP3 player on the way to the car and was almost to the pool before I noticed it. So I turned around and came back to get it. Mondays are not usually busy and today is the first day of school's out. Whatever. For most of my swim, I was the only one in the pool. And traffic was really light.

I think now I'll go make some dolls. Here's a bear I finished last night.

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