Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

At least it's still cool in here

Turns out that what I "sew" while I swim does not always translate on dry land. There will be a shirt but it won't be like I planned. Right now it's about 50% done and resting on a hanger in the closet. Another day.

I did get three dolls ready to sew and one - pretty darned cute one - finished.

The Mariner game is not an easy one and just now they are losing and running out of runway. Looks like those red people will not go home totally bummed about the baseball part of their visit.

While it's hot out on the terrace, it's blessedly cool in here. I started the air conditioner before I needed it and it has not even had to work hard (or loudly) to keep it comfortable in here.

Another couch full of dolls completed.

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