Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Pride Day, Seattle!

As always, in recent years, I am torn between going to see the parade and not. I should have taken that new trolley to Capital Hill yesterday and just wandered around enjoying the joy. But I didn't and I won't go today either. Too hot, too lazy, too much to do here, ballgame. Etc. I've got TiVo set to record it so I maybe I can grab a little of the glee.

The first Pride parade I ever went to was in Seattle as the AIDS crisis was becoming less of a crisis. It was so amazingly joyful and fun and celebratory in a way that I had not seen the gay community in lots of years. I went every year for a while and then once in a while. I still love that it goes on and now marvel at the local news coverage of it. Lots of air time with massive respect and admiration. And, OMG, every one of the stations/reporters I follow on Twitter have been tweeting themselves to death over anything and everything LBGTQ all weekend. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

My swim was lovely this morning. Except for brief dips by a couple of random guys, I had the whole pool to myself. I put my swim brain on a fabric dilemma. I have two fabrics that are wrong for what I bought them for but not altogether horrible fabrics. So as I swam, I figured out how to incorporate them both into one, hopefully, very cool shirt. I'm pretty sure it's going be vry excellent. I probably won't do it today but soon. I need to finish yesterday's shirt and make dolls. Delivery day is next Friday probably (unless the adoption lady is taking a very long long weekend).

One of my favorite TV dramas comes back on tonight - Murder in the First. It's a sharp show but mainly it has Taye Diggs in it. I would like to have Taye Diggs. Seriously, send him over. I have plans for us.

More St. Louis peops around town this morning. I saw a family of six - Mom, Dad, 4 kids - come out of the hotel next to the stadium this morning - ALL decked in matching St. Louis Cardinals outfits. We won again yesterday and I'm still not one bit sorry. I hope they enjoy Seattle but not the baseball part.

I think it's time to clean up the kitchen (from breakfast) and hit the sewing room.
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