Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Big Old Weekend

Seattle may explode this weekend. There is so much going on. Obama was here (left this morning). It's Pride weekend. There are a couple of runs going on. And a few zillion other things. There's a soccer game at 2. There's a Mariner game tonight.

The Mariners are playing the St. Louis Cardinals which is rare. They are in another league and cross league games only happen a couple of times a season. There were last year, I think, about a dozen years ago. Apparently, the St. Louis fans decided this was the perfect time to visit Seattle and they arrived by the bus loads. I saw two bus loads yesterday alone. Their team color is ... red. And they are all wearing red so very easy to spot. As I came by the stadium this morning, there were hoards of them outside waiting for the team store to open.

I do not feel badly that we beat them with a come from behind walk off home run in the 9th. I do not feel badly at all.

My swim was good. My friend, Barrie, was a no show but the pool was busy the whole time. Filled with people I have never seen before. A woman hopped into my lane shorter after I started and asked to share and suggested we circle (rather than split the lane) which was great fun. She stayed for most of the rest of my swim. I love circle swimming and no one does it at the gym. It's required at the city pools. It's especially good if the other swimmer(s) are just a little faster like today's woman was. She kept me on my toes and moving fast the whole hour. Fun. And my neoprene gloves are working perfectly and not causing any issues. A win.

I stopped at the grocery on the way home. This time I went to Thriftway. They are more expensive but have a greater range of prepared foods.

When I first moved to Seattle in the early 90's, I had a friend who lived a couple of blocks from there. It was, back then, on par with Safeway but not as modern as Safeway was. I remember they had this deal before Thanksgiving that was some kind of free turkey punchcard. My friend, Nancy was always trying to spend her way to a free turkey. Now it's a very upscale fancy dancy place.

It's on the same block with a Union76 gas station. The gas station that used to be there was one of the last true service stations in the world. Nancy would run out of gas before she'd buy gas anywhere but Mr. Barnecut's. Mr. Banecut was about 80 and he'd meander out and stop at your window to see how much gas you wanted and then pump it while he washed your windows and chatted with you about your cat. Old Mr. Barnecut (his father) ran the cash register at the desk in side.

I noticed today that on the back on the Union76 station, there's a mural with the perfect depiction of Barnicut's just like it looked still in the early 90's. Very cool.

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