Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday afternoon

I actually did take a walk outside today and it was lovely. I went up and scored some teriyaki. I dished it into two portions for two upcoming dinners. And added it to the Available Dinners list. I'm cracking myself up here.

I did recently discover some amazing kitchen science. I'm big on cucumbers. Particularly the fancy ones (hothouse/seedless). But they just don't live long enough for me to eat the minimum purchase. Until NOW! I finally googled up some help. So last time I bought 3 persians. When I got home, I wrapped each up in a paper towel and then put the wrapped cukes in a plastic bag and sealed it and put it in the fridge. It works! It absolutely works. I slice up half and put the other half back in the paper towel and plastic bag and it still works!

I bought my current cukes last Saturday. Nearly a week ago. Last night I sliced up half of the last one and it was perfection. I'll have the other half tonight. Seriously this has changed my life at least the cuke part.

I got a pile of new dolls cut out and ready to sew but I actually did sew and finish two of them.

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