Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

sixes and sevens

Some character in a book I read as a girl was always at sixes and sevens. I feel like I'm at sixes and sevens today. Nothing quite slotted in exactly but also nothing really amiss either.

I bought a half a quiche yesterday for breakfasts/lunchs. Tried it this morning. Nope. Next! I like the concept but QFC quiche is off the list.

I shared a lane for a bit this morning and wore gloves and didn't hit my hands once. I actually got used to the gloves after a bit. I think the hand bruising situation is now solutioned. (I used to work for a guy who was always solutioning things. Fortunately I lost track of him long ago. I wouldn't be too sad to learn his day job now is cleaning dumpsters.)

My Windows PC wants an update - I can see the little flag from across the room. That's always such a rabbit hole, those updates.

I started a new book a few nights ago. Audio novel - a thriller. I dumped it last night. I can take one or two 'not plausible' and I can handle one or two annoying things about a protagonist but both lists got too long at about hour 3. I love that Audible lets you return books. I try not to abuse it but when I get a book like that one, it's very satisfying - not to mention money saving. Now I have to find a new book. (The Advocate's Daughter is the name of the dumped book.)

There is nothing on the calendar today. The baseball is tonight. It's still so amazingly beautifully cloudy and cool. Overall, this year as been as warm or warmer than last year which was pretty darned uncomfortable but it does not feel that way to me. I love that here at the end of June, my door is wide open to the outside and it's not even 70 degrees in here. Perfect in my book.

I think I'll look for another book and then go make some dolls.
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