Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today at the machine

I ran out of podcasts I wanted to listen to this afternoon and went to Music instead. I picked 60's and then just sang along. I had not listened to the lyrics in a long time (sung along, but not listened) and wow.

1. So much of that music is so insulting to hear today. It's no wonder we needed a women's movement. But, also listening with today's ears I realize how far we've come and it's a looooong way. Thanks, Gloria and team.

2. As we moved to the later 60's the lyrics were way more 'we're the youth of today and we have a lot to say and you need to listen you old crusty bastards'. It's so strange now to remember when adults (over 30) did NOT listen. Adults set the rules and kids (under 30) followed without question. Funny how the lyrics of then really do reflect that.

My house cleaner had a fit over the new oven. She made me promise to clean it after every use. "You don't have to deep clean, just wipe down - every time, Promise???"

And speaking of the oven, Jeremy's half of the delivery/installation bill hit my credit card. Actually, at this point, he probably should pay all of it, but I'm ok with half. I got a nice state of the repair note from him. They are waiting for parts. The parts should leave GE today. He'll schedule the service manager to come fix the three things (which he enumerated so that I know we're on the same page) and let me know. Probably next week. I appreciated the note.

I had a good day at the sewing machine. I fixed the swim gloves. I think they will work and it's certainly much easier than designing and making my own. But, if they don't, I have a plan. IF I can find neoprene fabric. I really only need about 5"x10". BUT, then, when I went down to get the mail, I swung by the Free Shelf and there was a neoprene bag! Like the kind you take lunch in. Plenty enough fabric in that to make hand covers if the gloves don't work! That Free Shelf always comes through.

All the laundry is done, folded and put away. It's been a busy and productive day! Now if we can just win a ballgame. We keep losing. Sigh.

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