Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim wins and stuff

I finally figured out that I feel like I swim faster with the pull bouy. Last night I googled and turns out that it's a thing. And it's because having your ass elevated causes your body to stretch out streamlined. I always thought I didn't swim faster because my kick is shit.

This morning, I stop watched me and yes, I swim significantly faster when I have the float raising my butt and don't even use my legs at all! So I did a few laps with the pull bouy and then tried to replicate the feeling without it. In other words I 'engaged my core' and it worked!! Even the stop watch said so.

AND my modified neoprine gloves also kind of worked but I need to make a couple of modifications with the sewing machine for true success. I had to share a lane today for a while. Wore the gloves. Did not whack my hands. Win.

Today is laundry day and house cleaner day. And there will be sewing. And knitting. And baseball but not until 4.
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