Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I walked and bused to downtown and it was just the perfect weather. Downtown was not jammed - a nice mix of convention people, tourists and workers. I met my friend and we had a fun visit and then I set off for home. I walked and was able to find shade nearly 90% of the way. As I was walking across a park near here, I heard "Susan!!" and turned to see an old swimming buddy. We swapped hi's 'still swimming? Yep' I'm shocked she recognized me dry and even remembered my name. Fun.

I got home and made doll #2 and did most of the cut work on a shirt and now I'm sits for the game which starts in a minute.

I need to walk more. My back is whining and, honestly, I really didn't walk that far. I honestly think if we had more days like today - cool, breezy and not too sunny, I'd be tempted to get out more. But, probably that's just an excuse.

On the up side, none of the outside dust and stuff bothered me at all. There was one section near construction that looked really bad, so I just covered my nose and mouth until I was on the other side of it. Also my cough which has been bad for several weeks has now just about gone away.

Game time

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