Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Good swim this morning except for those stupid lane lines. I'm trying new stuff that is using different muscles and that part is good. The bad part is when I share a lane I keep whacking the backs of my hands resulting in big, ugly, red and purple blotches on the backs of my hand. This morning I hit it so hard that my hand hurt for a lot of laps. And looks really ugly.

I remembered a pair of neoprene webbed gloves that my aqua fit instructor gave me years ago and, miraculously found them. I trimmed the fingers down so that they aren't webbed any more and are way easier to get on and off and I plan to wear them whenever someone joins me in the lane. Fingers are crossed.

I thought it was supposed to be sunny and hot today which I was really dreading. I have to go downtown to meet a friend for lunch and hot and warm was not something I was looking forward to but, yeah! I was wrong. It's cloudy and cool and perfect and looks like it's going to be pretty much that way until next Monday.

I read and hear about these parts of the country that are sweltering and it makes me just cringe. The older I get the less I can tolerate even the thought of being hot. I with air conditioning for everyone.

I'm not leaving for another 3 hours or more so plenty of sewing time even before I go. I think I'll just get right on it!
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