Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I used my new buoy board this morning for 50 yards of kicking and then 50 yards as a pull buoy. I did that after the first 15 minutes of swimming and then again at the 30 minute mark and the 45 minute mark. My body was a little shocked - my stomach muscles particularly - but I think it's a nice little change.

On the down side, I did share a lane today with a very good swimmer (a regular) so I was pretty careful to stay on my side of the lane and both hands got battered by the lane line. I'm now the proud owner of new blood bruises on both hands and an arm. Sigh. I think if I can remember to take the right hand side, it won't be as hard to keep flapping the line.

Now I'm home and having some coffee. I discovered last night that the garbage disposal has apparently taken to gumming the offerings as opposed to chewing them up. I can live without the disposal pretty easily I think. If not, I'll call the guy who installed it and get him to come out and fix it and the drip at the same time.

BUT I'm not going to even think about that until after the Oven Festuche is over. One household stress at a time, please.

Today will be sewing. Already this month I am falling behind on doll production. I over did it last month so this month I'm feeling delinquent. Which is ridiculous since I'm under no obligation at all for any of it. So where's this pressure coming from??? Silly me. I enjoy sewing. I enjoy knitting. And yet, with both, I get all stressed about production numbers. Next thing you know, I'll be measuring by Six Sigma standards. Old habits die... never?

The machine is calling...
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