Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a lovely Sunday

This day has already had a big basket of wins and it's not even 1 pm yet! It's a cool and breezy day - perfection. I remembered to lower the blinds before I left so even though the sun is out cloudless and strong, my living room is very comfortable.

I had a great swim and then met ljtourist for a fabulous and fancy brunch. We celebrated his birthday and his graduation (so I probably should have said Master ljtourist. It's always such a treat to get some nice, quality visit time enjoying good eats. We always says we should do it more often and don't. I'm going to force the issue this winter. Plus, he cheerfully took on neighbor Hunter's 'special' bakery items that have been chilling in my freezer.

The Mariners were ahead when I dropped Frank off at his place. Boston has since tied it up but just wriggled out of a bases loaded Boston threat. We're in the 7th.

The post office delivered my new bouy board. The tracking number said next Tuesday. So tomorrow there will be a bit of a change up, maybe, in the lap swim. I do need to ensure my middle and legs get more of a workout than they have been.

And... also for the win, I got the perfect note from Jeremy (aka Oven Man):

Good morning, Susan-

I am absolutely on this. Jorge, our installation manager, will be finishing the install once we get the parts we need. He'll fix the cabinet issue, make sure the upper trim piece is installed correctly and insure the unit is secure to manufacturers specs.
For now, your Advantium is 100% operable while that trim piece is purely cosmetic.
I ordered the parts we need before I left on Thursday and have the confirmation that those should be here by the end of next week.
As soon as they arrive, I'll contact you to get Jorge out when it best fits your schedule.

Thanks very much,

In another note, he simply apologized for 'going dark'. I'm perfectly fine with all of this. Plus, the oven has gotten some significant upgrades from the version I had. All is going to be fine.

ljtourist has me inspired to do stuff. He told me about his jar system. He has a jar full of slips of paper of fun things he wants to do and another jar full of slips of paper of necessary things he needs to do. So when he gets a day free, he may pick one out of each jar or just play or just work.

When he was first telling me about this, I couldn't think of any reason why that would work for me. But, then, the more I thought about it, the more I think it's genius! And I may well just replicate at least the work one. I have way too much stuff. And at least 3 closets that need going through and cleaning out, plus a shit load of shelves. Instead of doing it, I close doors or draw curtains so I don't have to see it. But, stuff is really hard to find so when I can't find, I buy new and then have more stuff.

Possibly Frank's jar system could save me. I could break down all the issues into smaller bits and then tackle one every other day or something. Anything is better than doing nothing.

  • I need to come up with a framework - all cables go in the living room cupboards, all xxx go in the terrace cupboards, all xxx go in yyy.

  • Then I need to ensure I have easy receptacles for 1. things for Goodwill, 2. Things that need to go elsewhere in the house. 3. Things that need to be thrown away.

  • Then I'm going to make a slip of paper on a grid system. One slip for 1 section of shelves or 1 slip for the folding clothes part of the closet and one for the hanging part.

I think I'm going to give it a try!
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