Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

pick pick pick

It is pretty straight forward to sew a sleeve into a shirt. I have, in the past, not been careful and sewn the sleeve onto the wrong side of the shirt. It's a bitch to fix. Today, I sewed it in upside down. WTF? It took me a solid hour to unpick the seam because I also decided to use a seam that is made for stretch so it doesn't pull out. And also is a bitch to pick out when you want to undo.

But, I finally got it done and then decided it was lunch time.

I stopped at a grocery on the way home and lost my mind in the deli. I rarely shop in the deli cause I hate having to deal with a deli person. But today I wanted coleslaw and then I got all kinds of other goodies there. I'm pretty much set for dinner and lunch for the week. And have donuts for breakfast!

I made the best salad.

chopped onions
chopped chicken

YUM! I only ate half. The other half will be excellent tomorrow. The game has started and the Mariners are ahead but it's Boston and it's Fenway and no lead is ever safe.

Lunch break is over - back to that stupid sleeve.

I did finish a bear...

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