Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday miscellany

I'm waiting now until time to leave for the pool. I've got about 30 minutes. The Rock and Roll Marathon is going on all around here but I think I have a way to get from here down the road to West Seattle where the pool is.

Yesterday I made no dolls at all. I made a shirt and cut out another shirt, but no dolls. Today will be a shirt and, hopefully, at least one doll.

I have a cough that is not horrible but won't seem to go away. It's beginning to worry and annoy me. It does not seem to be getting worse, it just won't go away.

After my swim this morning, I need to stop by the library for returns and then I think I'll go on to the dollar store and maybe make a quick stop at the grocery on the way home. And, if I'm lucky, by the time I get home all the marathon stuff will have moved on.

The ballgame is at 1. Otherwise, nice, quiet day planned here.
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