Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Up next...

The new Rudy's is really pretty and nicely done. It's not where I thought it was but across the street. The guy who did my hair was a bit fussy but not too bad and he did a nice job. I'm cool now, probably, until after Labor Day - hair cut wise, that is.

The walk there and back was really lovely, cool and breezy. The food trucks in the park were not that interesting and it was still too early anyway. Lunch, so far, is a mystery.

I called the appliance store when I got back to find out that Jeremy is out until Sunday. So I wrote a brief 'documentation' note to the store owner who responded nearly immediately and assured me he was aware of all the issues, they will fix every one, and they are sorry. Nice message and nice response time. No more oven talk until at least Sunday!

My tablet holder came and I'm delighted with the result. It's mounted with Command stickers so totally reversible if I decide I don't want it there. But for now, I think it's perfect.

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