Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


No traffic on the way home from the pool until I got within a block. Ooops. I forgot about the Rock and Roll Marathon which is tomorrow but today is all manner of little runs with blocked off roads including the one leading to and into my garage!

It was not a problem (the building has stickers for our cars that tell the cops to let us through) - work around is fairly easy. It was just more of a surprise.

The new branch of my hair cutting place (Rudy's Barbershop) just is opening a few blocks from here for their first day of business in 20 minutes. Their online system let me check in for 10 am. YEAH!! So nice of them to open up a shop just for me.

My brother's new tech starts today and she is adorable. She is this teeny tiny little androgynous creature and she's wearing a bow tie!! I grabbed this picture off the web cam. My brother is so huge next to her and has so much more hair!

Screenshot 2016-06-17 at 8.37.22 AM

No word from Jeremy about the oven which is pissing me off more every minute. I'm really regretting letting them take my old oven yesterday. If no word when I get back from my hair cut, I'm on the phone.

Nothing else is really on tap for today. Sewing. Baseball. Knitting. Reading. The great novel I'm listening to ends tonight - sigh.
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