Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Long day!

I really only woke up about 15 minutes earlier than usual but it sure seems like this day has had some extra hours in it which I have used quite wisely so cool.

The oven saga took a bad turn when I discovered that the piece they put on incorrectly kept the door from shutting enough to make the oven work. I removed the piece and got it to work but ohhhh not happy. And in doing that I saw where they have bowed the cabinet it is attached to. Again not happy. I've sent several notes to Jeremy with photos and heard nothing. This last bit makes me unhappiest of all. I just sent him a not requesting he pop me a quick 'I'm on it' note. If he doesn't, he'll be getting a call in the morning. Or maybe a visit.

Meanwhile. The Mariners won. Thankgoodness.

The Amazon tablet arrived and it exceeds my expectations. I think the one I have here is a 3rd generation. The $39 one is a 5th generation and they have done a whole lotta work for the way better in those two generations. I might still try to install Google on it but not right away. I think it's going to do all I need without it. I found all the apps I want in the Amazon app store and got them all loaded, signed in and set up so that may well be all I need. For $39. Wow.

My fabric arrived and I hopped on it and cut out a shirt and then remembered I needed to have washed it first. Crap. Hopefully it won't be fatal. The other four lengths of different stuff are in the wash right now. I'll sew up the shirt I cut out tomorrow and at least get to wear it once before I wash it and see if it's doomed.

I got one doll made...

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