Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Murphy at work

So the two guys who showed up with the latest oven this morning, we're just ok. Not great like yesterday's guys. They were in a hurry and bitching about how many installations they had after this one.

The oven takes 4 screws. They got 3 in and then couldn't do the 4th one. They called Jeremy. They swore it wouldn't fall down and asked if I wanted them to leave it while Jeremy gets in touch with GE for a fix. I said fine.

SO! The good news is I have a new oven and it's shiny and new and really very cool.

The bad news - in addition to the above - is that, in their haste, they snapped on the top frame so that it is crooked. And I didn't notice until they were gone. Also - sawdust in the butter dish? Guys. Really. No.

I sent a note to Jeremy and told him when he sent someone out to fix the screw issue, they needed to also fix the frame. I didn't mention the butter issue. Jeremy's had a bad enough week.

But, really, shiny, pretty, totally updated Advantium oven. Nice. Very nice. Time for the game.
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