Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

sleep in/get up early/sleep in/get up early

The oven installation lady called to confirm this afternoon and noted that the actual window is 8-9:30. So glad she mentioned that. This morning I was home by 8:15 but that was a fluke of no traffic. I can't count on that.

The best way to ensure I get home by 8 is to leave for the pool at 5:45 and get up at 5:30 which is totally doable. Alternatively, I can wait until they are done and then go swim. But, that kind of chews up the day. I hate that. But, heck, what's the harm?

I've set and unset the alarm on my phone a half dozen times today. Right now we're at Get Up Early.

My brother hired a new tech today. Well actually a pre-tech and it's a tech of the female persuasion! She's really young and seems very fun and cool and excited. My brother is very excited to get her as are the other two techs. Finding good new people for such a small shop - someone who will contribute and fit in and work for small business salary - ain't easy. I'm delighted for all of them.

Here's the first couch of June.

And the latest bear.

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