Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail but ok

Ricky stripped a screw hole and the oven install died. But, it's all ok.

They were having trouble so I backed away to let them noodle in private and pretty soon they were backing the oven out of the wall and then said they had to go back to the truck for a minute.

When they came back, they carefully and politely explained how and why they had made the mistake. In the truck they had already, working with Jeremy, found a new oven and secured the first place in the delivery/installation schedule for tomorrow. They made sure, really sure, that I was ok with this and that they would change it to another day/time if I wanted. They could not have been nicer or more conciliatory. I felt so bad for them, I had no room to be pissed or even mildly annoyed. They re-installed the old oven for me.

And so the saga continues. I've already swapped notes with Jeremy who is now invoking Murphy and his law. This is getting pretty amusing. But, I'm totally stress-less about it now.

It's still very very cool here. We broke records for cool this morning. This translates to very comfortable conditions in the sewing room. I think I'll head on back there now. I need to make some more doll faces. And some more dolls.
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