Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And now we wait again...

I'm home from the pool and now waiting for the oven. It's early yet but still. I have high hopes but I've painted them with some realistic skeptic paint so I'm ready for anything.

I wore my new suit today and it swam good. The cheap elastic made zero difference. If it doesn't last, it doesn't last but I'll bet it does. I also think I've settled on some excellent goggles. They are called Pulabecs and while they have a bit of a distorted view, they do not fog or leak and I can easily read the tiny nums on the Misfit app on my watch so they are keepers.

My keep the kitchen clean campaign is going well. I got a smaller dish drainer which has helped me stop stockpiling dirty dishes. If all the dishes are clean then the rest of the kitchen somehow doesn't get messed up. Since you can see nearly all of my kitchen from the living room, it makes the living room more tidy and nicer. Win win. Some lessons need 67 years to learn and perfect.

9:03 - Ricky and Orlando are here with my oven!! They are polite and respectful and really nice. And working hard.
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