Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More of the day

So... Jeremy's scheduler just called and my oven and I are on the agenda for a 9:30-11:00 window tomorrow and she pointed out that the driver will have a note to make me first if at all possible.

Way to step up, Jeremy. She didn't know about the credit card info she was supposed to collect but when prompted, picked right up on it. I'm not unhappy. Nice save.

I remembered today, for some weird reason, that I never had my annual eye checkup that was supposed to be in February. So I called and got that nailed - mid-July. When I added it to the calendar I noticed a weird entry on the day before that said 'refill spirits'... In the olden days, I'd scribble items that then I could not decipher when the day came. Now it's typos. Finally I figured out it was Spiriva. Get Spiriva refill. This is perfect because the pharmacy is in the same building as the eye doctor. Nice mesh there, universe!

I did get my swim suit stitched up. All I had was elchepo dollar store elastic but, hey, I don't have to worry about it getting eaten up by chlorine so what they heck. And the fabric was on sale. So this whole suit, fabric, lining, elastic and thread cost me under $10. Not too shabby. And it fits perfectly and is cute.

And then I went on to make two dolls. Now it's nearly game time. The poor soccer pre game festivities are rocking on with music and booths all set up for hundreds and there are maybe 20 out there now. And the rain looks like it's probably 5 minutes out. Sad.

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