Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I woke up at 5:15 this morning all pissed off about the oven delivery. Ridiculous. So I went swimming which really did turn my frown upside down. I had some new music to listen to. Google had the new Neil Young album on sale for $.99. Honestly, I think that's about what it's worth but being all judgy is amusing while you are swimming.

And, then when I got out of the pool (at 7:45), there was already an email reply from Jeremy.

Good morning, Susan-

I know you're being kind with just a "not delighted". We failed and you're well within your right for a discounted installation given the situation.

Our first First AM slot is Monday. It's yours if you can wait that long. Otherwise, I can find an AM slot that will likely be closer to 11am most any day this week for you.

Did you pay by check or credit card? I'll get you a refund today for half of the install cost in an attempt to make it right.

Let me know your preference and I'll get it scheduled accordingly.

We appreciate your business very much,

Pretty much textbook case of how to turn me back into a happy customer. (He could have looked at my order and determined whether I'd paid by check or credit card. Check??? People still buy appliances with checks???)

I was really ready to tell him to take his oven and go find customers elsewhere and fight with them via the credit card company. I'd already found another small appliance shop near the pool that carries what I need. Hell, Amazon carries it.

But, Jeremy has me back. I replied and told him that an appointment close to 11 would work fine - today or tomorrow or really any day. I'm waiting to hear.

The soccer party is all set up and ready in the parking lot which is outside my terrace in front of the stadium. It looks like the weather could be sunny or rainy but will probably be both. It's a little chilly out there now and a bit breezy. I hope they get to have a nice party.

Inside here there will be the usual. Sewing, reading, baseball, knitting. The baseball team is on the road mostly on the east coast so games are at 4 with an 'afternoon' game at 10 am on Thursday.

I think I'll go see if I have enough elastic on hand to finish off that swimsuit.

EDIT: Just got this from Jeremy:

I've got you on for tomorrow and the window, which Cherie will double confirm later today, is 10-11:30 with specific instructions to hit the first part of that window. If it turns out that one of the first spots tomorrow (4 trucks) gets cancelled or moved, you'll be first on our list to move up into the first slot. We'll know this by the time Cherie calls you later.
At that time, will you please give your CC# to her and we'll process your refund.

I'm still not sure why they don't have my credit card info but I think he's offering a painless and thoughtful way to recapture it.

Very nice all around.
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