Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ya gotta gimme sumthin, dude

Jeremy is the sales manager who's handling my sale since the salesman I had went off to training...  I just sent this note.

So my delivery/installation was supposed to have been in a window that closed at 3. But you called at 2 and said it would be 2 more hours. It's now 5:15 and I haven't heard a word or seen an installer.
I'm not delighted. I paid $145 (not to mention the $1,000 for the oven) and am feeling a little disrespected here. I get that stuff happens but I think I at least deserved another phone call when your second timeline was busted.
How about we split the difference on that $145.  Pick another day - any day is fine but the first delivery of the day would be best, and refund me $72.50 and all will be good.
Ok?  I look forward to hearing from you.


10 minutes after send, I get a call from the salesman who swears this never happens is so very sorry - this is not how they treat customers. But, would it be ok if they got here about 7? NFW, sweetheart. I live in a condo building. No appliance or furniture deliveries after 5.

I was as nice as pie. I explained I wanted them to compensate me for treating me like a second hand citizen. And that I had already sent my expectations to Jeremy. "I'm just so sorry. We never treat our customers this way." Well, dude, ya have now. And, honestly, if this was the first time, I suspect the whole thing would have gone down a little differently.

He's very lucky that I'm prophylacticly replacing. I use this oven at least 2 or 3 times a day. Already I've used it 3 times today and dinner's still to come.

So this saga is not yet finished...
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