Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Of course they are late...

Lest you folks who work and have to get time off for a delivery/installation think you are special snowflakes when the assholes miss their window by a gygundo amount, you are now. Even when you are retired and home all day and it makes no difference still when they say they will be here between 1:30 and 3, and then they call at 2 to say they will be another 2 hours yet and then 4 comes and goes with no word...

I do wonder what happens when they have to take time off to wait for the cable guy? At this point I hope they have to wait all fucking day. It's just so very disrespectful. I laid down major bucks for this product and even more to have it delivered/installed and my old one removed.... So far, for my $$, time and effort, I have netted exactly squat.

I would appreciate it if they got here before my Home Owners Meeting at 6.

I did finally get my Windows 7 machine to talk to the printer. My phone, chromebooks and tablets have been printing with joy since it's a wifi printer but Windows 7 needed hand holding. But now it's there and useable so whew.

And I got two dolls done and a bear so not a bad day - just frustrating. I may sew up the swimsuit tomorrow.

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