Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Non productive productivity

So I went back to the sewing room to make a doll and then saw that the dryer was done so I took all the clothes out and folded them and then went to get water and took my water back to the sewing room to make a doll.

And then remembered I had some swim suit fabric that I wanted to look at again so I dug that out and thought, heck, why not. So I looked for my swim suit pattern. The next hour was devoted to digging out and sorting through all patterns and organizing patterns, bags to hold patterns, notes and other crap that came out in the hunt. Found the pattern.

Then I cut out the swimsuit AND cut out copy of the pattern. I put the pattern back with the patterns and put the copy with my t-shirt pattern (aka - patterns I'm liable to use most often). Then I remembered I wanted to make some breakfast muffins cause I ate the last one this morning and I wanted to get it done before the oven got replaced.

So I did that. And then washed up those dishes and went to look for my kick board/bouy which has disappeared along with my flippers. I'm perfectly ok with the flippers disappearing but not the bouy. I think, however, that both went to Goodwill some time ago. Not huge the kic board/bouy was cheap so I thought I'd order another one. Only Amazon no longer carries them so on to swim outlet where I have choices that I have to research.

Do research, place order.

Lunch time. Make lunch. Eat lunch. Wash dishes. (I'm on this real kick to keep the kitchen tidy and so far, it's working pretty well.)

I did find two shirts and a summer bed cover that I had forgotten about when I was looking for stuff. So that's a bit of a win.

It's now 12:30. I first went to make a doll at 9. I'm off now to try again...

Oh and the 'event from 1-10?' I think Seattle Department of Transportation got their dates fucked up. I think they meant tomorrow. They are busy setting up the parking lot for the big pre-soccer match extravaganza tomorrow starting in early afternoon. It looks like it's going to be loud and merry and fun. I hope so anyway.
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