Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My gym is in West Seattle, a large neighborhood which connects to downtown via a bridge. There are traffic info boards over the bridge and today one said that there was an event from 1pm to 10 pm today. The parking lot outside my terrace (just north of the football stadium) has been cleared and is being set up with coral fencing. And I can not find one single hint of what the event might be.

There is a big soccer game tomorrow but 1. it's tomorrow night and 2. it's the second one of this tournament and the first one didn't draw very many people at all.

It's a puzzlement. Guess I might find out more at 1.

My new oven is coming between 1:30 and 3. If I knew for sure there was a thing going on, I'd call and warn them. Oh well.

The other big event is the Home Owners Association meeting tonight. No baseball at all.

It's a cloudy and cool day with a wonderful breeze coming in. We had some rain this morning - enough to knock the dust off a little. I may go take a it of a walk later.
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