Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


When I left for the pool, 20 people - likely mostly gay men - were dead. When I got out of the pool, there were 30 more plus critically wounded. It's a giant mashup of sad and mad. I understand the sentiment behind thoughtsandprayers but, frankly, that phrase is pissing me off about now. It has taken on the same emotion, thought and caring of haveaniceday. I am not a gun person. They give me the heebie geebies but it frankly does confuse me how one person - if there were no guns - could pull off that Orlando gig.

We had our own little greek tragedy here. Zoey (the cat) is kind of bipolar. She'll be manic and starving and oh so busy for a couple of weeks and then, spend another couple of weeks, napping, eating her dry kibble only (turning up her nose at wet food) and staying out of the way.

She hasn't been eating much wet food lately so when she disappeared last night, I wasn't really worried. She has several secret locations around the house and I figured she was in one. But, when I got back from the pool this morning, she wasn't waiting at the door like she always is and I decided it was time to for her to show whiskers - regardless of her mood.

I called out and checked closets. This always brings her out. Nothing. So I started opening doors and drawers on a grid. She popped right out of the drawer where I put my shopping bag away last night. She didn't go pee. She didn't go chow down. She came to love all over me. She head rubbed me for 15 minutes. I don't think she's angry with me. Then she went to pee and now she's crunching kibble. All's well. Thoughtsandprayers aren't needed, thanks.

I realized while swimming this morning that since I'm no longer madly tracking my time/distance with precision, I'm free to experiment so I did a couple of laps of breastroke and some flipped (same leg/arm movements as breaststroke but on back). Might as well give some other muscle groups a chance to shine. My legs need more attention, exercise wise.

After my last iPod Shuffle died, I tried another kind of music player for swimming. I loved it because I could 'feed' it and charge it easily from my Chromebook. But, sadly, it died this morning. On the up side, I got it at Amazon, of course, and it is still in the return window. Back it goes. I have two old, semi broken iPods I can use while I decide what to try next.

I hate iTunes so very much.

I finally remembered to capture this wall mural today. It went up a few months ago on the wall of a tire shop about a mile from here. I live on the edge of the neighborhoods of Pioneer Square and SODO (South of Downtown OR South of Dome (Kingdome which was imploded more than 15 years ago) whichever). As Seattle stretches out it's boundaries, SODO is getting prettied up and more functional. I do love the mural.

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