Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


One of the gym doors wasn't locked, presumably from last night, so Barrie and I were able to get into the pool and were swimming away when the first of the staff showed up. It was a good thing, too, because about 30 minutes in (10 mins after it actually opened), the place filled up and stayed filled. When we got out, our slots were taken immediately. Saturdays usually aren't that crowded.

I stopped at Trader Joe's after and then at the gas station that has a car wash - filled up and got washed. I briefly thought about doing some other shopping but then remembered that TJ's was for ice cream. The sugar free stuff turned out to be not terrible but it did kind of have an after taste that wasn't pleasant.

So I came home and had some cereal and did some research.

My swim app has failed now two days in a row. I don't really need it anyway. I've religiously counted laps and recorded times every single day for the last 100 days. Every day, I swim 2000 yards and it takes me anywhere from 65-71 minutes. I think after 100 days, I can reliably depend on those numbers without counting every day. I actually track via the Misfit app which takes my swimming and any other activity and rolls it all together every day. I watched it today on my Pebble and figured out that once it gets past about 400, I'm good. When I finish swimming, I sync with my phone which also 'talks' to Google Fit.

Having all these data points is ridiculously important to me. If I fall behind towards the end of the day, I will absolutely gt off my ass and go walk around the block. On the down side, if I hit my target by late afternoon, there is no moving my butt for nearly any reason. The other night, the trash was ready to go down to the dumpsters but I saved it for the next day because I'd already reached my daily goal.

That is truly ridiculous. And yet that's how I roll. I might walk over to Uwajimaya (Japanese grocery) after a bit and get some mushrooms. IF I still need points. Heck, I might just go anyway. It's cool out. If we get some showers (and dust inhalation is not as much a possibility) I will absolutely go.

Nothing else really on the agenda - sewing, knitting, baseball - as usual. It is lovely to be able to have the door open and the shades up and still be very comfortable.
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