Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far so good...

Nothing's broken yet. I'm feeling good.

My whacky next door neighbor, about 3 months ago, knocked on my door to tell me he was going to make cookies that weekend and he'd bring me some. Ok. cool. I never heard a peep from him until yesterday when he brought me chocolate chip cookies made with maple syrup ('I was out of brown sugar'.) Today, another knock on the door and this time he has pot infused carrot cake cookies. I assure him, once again, that his using expensive pot in cookies for me was a waste. 'Oh, I know. Just mail them to your brother.' ER, ah, I don't think so. I put them in the freezer with the other pot infused cookies he's given me. I can't bring myself to toss them but I'll never eat them.

I did get a poke salad bowl for lunch. It wasn't easy. The line was long. The salad had way too much leafy greens but so I just ate the goodies on top and they were delicious. It all tasted better than it looks in the photo. That same truck will be in the park a block and a half from here next Tuesday. I may just go back.

I'd like to get to the ATM today. It's in the lobby of an office building across the street. At 5, they lock the building. I'm kind of waiting til UPS brings my package. I'll go down and get it and then pop across the street. My package is new goggles.

New goggle arrived and I made my ATM run. All is good. I'm wearing a t-shirt I made from the batch of fabrics. I liked it ok when it arrived. Working with it was a little fiddly but I love how the shirt turned out. It's got a beautiful drape, it fits me well and it's wonderfully soft. The soft and movement doesn't show in the pic but it's there. A win.

Oh and here are two more wins:

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