Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

System failures - my own little apocalypse

It started last night in the middle of the baseball game. We were tied. And the TV went black. The internet died. The end. My TV cable and my internet were two different companies and they will tell you now, when you ask, that they still are but... when they both go out at once, ya gotta wonder.

I've had both since January of 2015. The internet has gone out one time before and the TV another time, but only once. Never together and, frankly, after Comcast which served up system belches quite often, I really can't complain.

My cell service isn't the greatest here but I fired up a hotspot and muddled through.

When your cable goes out and your baseball team loses, it doesn't count, does it? I don't think so.

I woke up about 1 am and the light was on the webcam so I knew the internet was back.

I've been using Tunein to turn on NPR for an alarm. But this morning, nope. Internet was up. But Tunein was (and still is, apparently) down. I had wondered what would happen if the radio stations or Tunein was not available at alarm time. Turns out there's a little beep that works fine and isn't annoying so nice to know.

On to the pool. I use to track my swimming. It tells me, in real time, how many yards I have swum so far and in what time. Except. About once every 15 or 20 days, it just won't work. It will track time but not distance. Or it won't track squat. Sometimes I can stop and start and make it work but not today. Today, it just refused to cooperate.

But, I also track everything - swim, steps, sleep, etc - with Misfit and I was able to flip to it on my watch and see when I'd at least reached my usual effort.

Soooo if I count internet and TV as one, that's three outages. I'm going with the rule of three here and assuming that I'm done. That all the little bits of my life will now go back to working as I want them to. Please.

One of the fun things about a Pebble watch is picking different watch faces. There are a biscillion to pick from. They give you the time, the weather, your steps, the date, and probably a list of current and future sunspots. But, in my old age, I've now decided all I want is the time, the day and date. I found one that I liked a lot but, turns out, it was sucking the juice out of my battery at a very alarming rate.

So I went on the hunt again. Last night I decided that if there were so very many of them, maybe I could make one of my own exactly like I wanted. And so I fired up Google and found some kind souls in Germany had made a tool that lets me do just that from my freakin' browser!! So that kept me enormously amused for a couple of hours. And then, turns out, the resulting watchface that I made is VERY easy on the battery. I hit that donate button and left them a generous thank you gift.

Oh, I can already tell my apocalypse might be over. The building manager told me that Adam fixed the drain upstairs and so the leak should be no more. We had a nice good rain last night and my drip bowl is bone dry!

Today's plans include no system outages, some sewing and at trip up to Starbucks HQ (about a mile and a half up the road) where the poke truck is rumored to be at 11.

It's lovely and cool again. Love these days.
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