Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And... the rest of the day

I finished my shirt and made two dolls and discovered that the 1.5 yards of one of the fabrics I bought shrunk down to a little less than a yard after washing! Soooo glad I washed it before I cut out the shirt. Guess I'll save it for when I want a string bikini out of t-shirt fabric.

Now that long sleeve weather is done, I've really noticed that my skin - particularly the skin on my hands and arms, has moved solidly into old age. When my lower back is whining, I get into this position for a while.


I usually give it 5 minutes or so (does wonders, by the way, and the cat loves it) and while I'm lying there, I hold my phone up and do sudoku puzzles. Gravity moves the fat from my arms down to my elbows and shoulders and leaves the old, wrinkly skin. It is very weird to see. I feel like my grandmother who would have never in a million years lie on the floor with her feet up the wall.

I am not fighting or denying old age. I love the discounts. Love them! And I'm perfectly ok with being 67 years old. I have neither the energy nor the ambition I used to and I'm cool with that, too. It's odd to remember back when I did have both energy and ambition and compare to now. Odd but not really unpleasant.

I am very grateful for my experience, my history, and for all the things I've learned that help me not stress about stuff that used to make me nuts. There's a lot to be said for mature years. I'm in favor.

Here's today's round up. I think I'm going to watch some TV and work on the next bear while I wait for the ballgame.

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