Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It is so lovely and cool out and so quiet, too, since the air conditioner is napping. Just a lovely morning. I stopped at Safeway after my swim to pick up some of their Summer cole slaw which I love and some Edwards pecan pie which I also like a whole lot and it comes in easy single slices which is handy. Then I got some ice cream. Vanilla. I just grabbed the one on sale in the container that looked easiest to handle.

I got home and read the carton to learn I'd bought diet ice cream. WTF? Well, it's not really diet. But, it's sweetened with some kind of artificial stuff. I'll give it a try but I'm not hopeful. I've got very loosey standards. I much prefer Diet Dr. Pepper over regular. Actually diet soda over regular. So maybe sugar free ice cream won't suck over pecan pie.  I'll find out tonight after dinner...

I've got sewing to do today.  I have a shirt half done and fabric for more shirts and dolls to make.  And lots of good podcasts to keep me company. Thursdays seem to be a drop day for lots of my favorite podcasts. And podcasts are the perfect company for sewing.

I might even take advantage of this weather and go out for a little walk later. I need ATM cash so that could be my excuse.

Now I have wasted enough time piddling around on this laptop. I need to get going or my whole day will be piddled away.
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