Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

HUGE news! HUGE!

I just read on the West Seattle blog that the gas station across from my favorite dollar store is getting a POPEYE'S!!!!!  Hilariously and because this is still Seattle, after all.... It's going to be a joint operation - 1/2 Popeye's and 1/2 Starbucks. This is cracking me up but also making me very hungry.

This is a Popeye's way south of here that I have been to in a Popeye's emergency but to have one within picking-up-some-for-dinner range is pretty huge. It's not that far from my pool - chicken for breakfast?  Why the hell not?!

I am excited. It is currently an abandoned gas station so I'm guessing we're some time away from 3 piece dark with biscuit, plz. But light? tunnel? I'm seeing it.
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