Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Library, market, clean house, sewing, baseball, knitting.... That's today.

When the house cleaner gets here, I'll head out.  I have holds ready at the library which does not open until 10. But, if I get there too early, I'll kill time at the market in the nex block. They have the best butcher in town and also carry the milk I like plus I have other stuff on my list.

Happily the cool as come. It's even a little cloudy. I'll turn off the air conditioner and open the door before I go out. A nice relief.

A decade ago when my microwave died, I replaced it with an Advantium oven. It does microwave plus baking/broiling/etc.  It's a nice little second oven that I use way more than my big one. It does not heat up the house and cooks some stuff, like meat, faster. But, it's getting on in years. I have always been afraid that GE would discontinue it and I'd be SOL.   I sent an email to my appliance store asking them what the deal was - life expectancy, future product availablity, etc.

The nut is that I bought a new one. I also bought delivery/install/haulaway.  That happens on Monday.  I'm excited to know I have 10 more years of this kind of cooking. Heck, that's probably more years than I have of me! Whew. And speaking of things that I'm likely to outlive, I will need to replace the hot water heater next year.  That's one appliance, I'd rather replace before it dies than after.

I am astounded and amazed that a woman will be the nominee of a major politcal party. I am so very grateful that that woman is Hilary Clinton. 
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