Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wouldja rather be...

When I swim, I often just let my mind wander where it wants to go. This morning, it wanted to go to a couple of LJ comments I got yesterday. They said that only boring people get bored. I actually had never heard this before and had to chew on it to see if I agree. And, turns out, I'm still not sure.

Only boring people get bored.
If you are bored it means you have no imagination.

Here's the rub. I'd MUCH rather be accused of being boring than of having no imagination. I actually do think I'm boring and I'm perfectly fine with that.

I remember my Mom used to try the argument, 'but if you do that, nobody will like you' or 'you won't have any friends' and that also got me chewing. How much did I care? Not that much, really.

BUT, if she had said 'nobody will respect you', not THAT would have turned my sorry ass around.

And still will today. Funny, that. Think I'm mean - fine - but don't think I'm stupid. Think I'm insensitive, but don't think I'm inefficient.

I do realize that being nice and kind and sympathetic are qualities that I'd be a better person for having but I also know they are not high up on my list and they are slipping. At this time in my life, being smart and sharp and imaginative and productive and efficient don't really have much use. This needs some more thought. Some more swim!

It's still hot and the cool down has been pushed back. Not good. But, whatever. I have been jonesing for a poke salad and the poke truck is in the neighborhood on Tuesdays but 1. it's too hot and 2. I picked up enough good salad for lunch for several days yesterday. So, next Tuesday will be fine.

My t-shirt fabric comes today but probably not the t-shirts. I need to wash all the fabric first before I even cut it just to be on the safe side.

So there will be dolls today. Dolls are much more fun to make anyway.

I just saw that TNT's Murder in the First is coming back for a third season. There isn't any better eye candy than Tae Diggs, I don't care what part he's playing.

And speaking of body part candy, I am now smack in the middle of the best audio book I will hear this year. I'm only 2.5 hours in (out of 13) and already I know I'm going to have to pace myself to make it last. The story is excellent and the reader guy is even better than that. It will be a movie - probably they are already filming. There is no baseball for me tonight (because the broadcaster I hate is doing the game) so I might just spend the evening with Before the Fall.
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