Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bored? Not yet

Not long ago, I had someone (here on LJ, actually) ask me if I was ever bored. I thought about it and couldn't really remember being board so I said no. But the oddest stuff sticks with me somehow. And since then, when I'm in between things and or don't have in mind exactly what I'm going to do next, I stop and think 'Am I bored?' The answer is still no. But, today, I'm coming close.

My brother says that I never get bored because out mother didn't allow it growing up. And she really didn't. All you had to do was say 'I'm bored' one time and you got a list of things to do that stretched from here to way way way over there and they almost always started with fill or empty the dishwasher. She also said that people who were bored were people with zero imagination (and this was one of the most mean things she could say about someone). It's funny how stuff like that sticks with me, too.

I think my problem today is that it's too hot to spend any more time in the sewing room. And I'm too sleepy to read a book. And if I take a nap, I'll have an even more difficult time sleeping tonight. My options are limited by my hatred of heat.

BUT, my air conditioner has the living room quite comfortable. I have a nice big TV in the living room and a computer and my knitting. And now I've killed an hour just futzing around. Nope. Not bored, just not scheduled and I think I'll just be grateful for that!

Oh and here are the dolls that got done before it got too hot.

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