Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I started listening to a new novel - Noah Hawley's Before the Fall. I'm only an hour in so far but captivated. I think I might start from the beginning again to make sure I get the front end details. I can't quit thinking about the plot even just the little I've heard.

The Mariners lost again today. This is not good.

But this picture is cracking me up.

I fixed two 2-shirts and made a doll and cleaned up the sewing area.

Now, I'm either going to listen to the book or watch CBS Sunday Morning. Or both. And finish off the latest bear.

Oh, and Amazon fixed the 'can't get it there by 8pm' problem. They moved the get it there time to 9pm. [Edited later: The delivery arrived at 7pm. I'm happy.]
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