Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I made it home from the pool before the real hot hot and now I'm safely ensconced in  air conditioned comfort with zero plans to stray.

I've been doing a little test. I've not been using any alarm to wake up. I've just been waking up when I wake up. It's not working. There's no reason why it shouldn't. I have no place I have to be at any particular time, ever. It should not matter one bit. And, yet. It really does. This morning I didn't wake up until 6:45. Which for normal people, I think is probably still way too early. For me, I'd missed the fucking worm. My first thought was YIKES, I've over slept. I didn't enjoy my coffee, I read my email/internet way too fast. It was not at all the peaceful Sunday morning gentle awake that it should have been.

I need an alarm to make sure I make the most out of my days. And so the test is over. I'm going back to the alarm tomorrow morning.

I ordered new goggles from Amazon to be delivered today. I've been wearing TYR's Nest Goggles forever and lately they just aren't cutting it. Too foggy too fast and then, if I don't get them back on exactly right, they leak. Life's too short to spend an hour in the pool with leaky, foggy goggles. Especially when goggles are comparatively cheap.

Last time I placed a same day order from Amazon, I got the promised by-8pm package at 8:40. I'll be interested to see if they an actually get me the goods by 8pm this time.

Our water was cut off last night. I forget the reason but we were not supposed to use water from 3 am until 10 am. Like the majority of the people who slept in this building, I totally forgot and flushed the toilet this morning. The world didn't end. It's now 10:20 so time, I think, to finish washing up last night's dishes before I hit the sewing machine.

The baseball game is at noon. Our last two games have been real disappointments. I'd like to win again, plz.
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