Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cool success

I finally got the house cooled down. I need to remember to start the A/C before I need it, then when I need it, the poor thing won't have to work so hard!

But, this morning, when I got home from the pool, I opened the door from the hallway into my unit and ahhhhhh cool. I love my air conditioner so much.

The neighborhood is getting ready for the first local round of a major Soccer tournament? There are games here 3 different times and tonight is the first one. I'm guessing there will be lots of pre-game action in the parking lot outside my terrace. But, keeping the blinds drawn for cool and the door shut and the A/C on, I probably won't hear a thing.

Yesterday's sewing was tedious but successful. I did several things wrong and had to undo them. Undoing takes about 10 times or more longer than doing. But the end result was very nearly exactly what I wanted. Today, I'm going to try a new idea that will get me all the way to what I want - a loose fitting top that sits exactly where my shoulders are and has wide sleeves for ventilation and looks great.

I have a bunch of fabric on order. My plan is to replicate my perfect top and then give everything currently in my closet to Goodwill.
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